Spotify (un)

UI/UX & Product Design | 2022

{Utopian UI UX Project}

Yearly, Spotify releases the "wrapped" feature, something that most of the Music Lovers (me) wait for anxiously. Spotify shows that they have our data, but they play it cool -- and I respect that!

In 2019 they rolled out the essential feature *to hide an artist or a song*. And since, I wait for my data about the people I hate.
This project is a suggestion to disclose that data to the user, and how to do it in a ludic way.

Playing with the LOVE vs. HATE dichotomy, this project is a demonstration of how I would approach it. Enjoy!

Nothing brings people together more than mutual hatred - Henry Rollings

I love Spotify. I can’t remember how many times I prayed for the Lord Almighty protector of music lovers, for the day they would release the most powerful tool of the modern era – the block button. 

Either way, when they did it in 2019, I was ecstatic. I could finally ignore years of bad music. And as a big lover, I am also a big hater — I don’t keep track of every musician/song I hate, though. But do you know who does? Spotify. I actually know pretty well who I love. But now… Who do I hate? 

With that idea in mind, I decided to get some work done and make what I do best – DESIGN. I simply love Spotify’s design and language, so doing this was really fun. Now I hope I can actually see it working. I could use it to bond with some people who hate the same as I do.

If y’all decide to do it, give me a shout out! (Or a job!). Enjoy!