UI/UX & Product Design | 2022

{Utopian UI UX Project}

Since I started using Google Maps, I hoped for a day when someone would implement this simple, yet life-changing tool. This idea has been sitting in my mind for around 8 years now, and instead of waiting for someone to do it, I decided to create a demo and publish it somewhere in the hopes that Google Senpai will notice me 🥺 (lol sorry for the terrible joke).

What if Google came to the rescue?

I am sure you also had this moment: when you simply stopped paying attention to your route using public transportation, and missed your stop.


I have been in this situation so many times… And specially when you are user of NYC MTA subway, it is hard to keep track of the where you are. 


To solve it, I decided to create this button on Google Maps to insert a pin that will alert the user with sound and buzz, notifying about the stop so they are able to get safely to their destination.


Currently Google doesn’t have that tool. What is available today on GMaps is a guided tool, very useful for hands-free access. 


But let’s be honest – it can be a bit annoying, specially if you are not going to need a guided trip.


So, what is this?

It is a suggestion of a new interaction for Google Maps.


A new feature that will be available on the app, potentially after the user creates a route, (it can be available all times), where a pin-point can be placed on the map, in a way that when the user is approaching this location, their phone will buzz (and ring, depending on the preferences), alerting that they are approaching the selected spot.


Ok, I like it, Picasso

As the regular alarm, the user can snooze it.


Other important locations can be randomly pinned on the map, so the user is notified every time they approach it. 


To Google people: if you decide to implement this, give me a shout out! And, you know, maybe a job 😉