Little Prince

UI/UX Design - Art Direction - Illustration | 2012

{Graphic Design Undergraduate Degree Requirement - Final Project}

As the Little Prince was about to turn 70 years in 2013, I decided to recreate the entire book in an innovative approach as an Interactive Design piece for tablets, giving the all-time classic the new media it deserves. I illustrated, designed and coded the book for iPad. I am very proud of this project since it is a decade old and still works! I like to think of it as visionary.

/*Content mapping and interaction predictions*/

/*Character and style studies, illustration rough drafts*/

Back in 2012 UI and UX Design were recent approaches in design.

The proposal was to re-design the classic ‘The Little Prince’ targeting younger audiences, creating an interactive e-book, 

but keeping the original version accessible anytime on the menu.

The book has activities and mini-games related to the storyline, that should be completed as the user reads it.